Two mistakes that could result in a shop owner losing some of their customers

If you are a shop owner and want to avoid losing any customers, here are some mistakes that you must try to avoid making.

Failing to make sure that your new staff fully understand how to operate your POS systems

When a person who has been shopping on your premises chooses which items they wish to purchase and approaches one of the staff members standing behind the counter where your point of sale systems are located, it is crucial to ensure that this interaction goes smoothly.

Due to the fact that this is the last step in a customer's shopping trip in your retail space, any negative experiences they have at this stage may leave a lasting memory that could put them off buying anything from your shop in the future.

One mistake that can lead to this loss of custom is failing to ensure that any newly hired staff fully understands how to operate your shop's specific make and model of POS systems. If they do not, they could inadvertently deter the customers that they interact with from visiting your shop again.

For example, if a recently hired staff member, who hasn't yet mastered using your shop's particular point of sale system, accidentally scans a single item twice and overcharges the customer or fails to scan a customer's reward card properly (if your shop has a points-based rewards system) so that the POS system then doesn't register that this customer has earned a specific number of points, then that customer might lose their trust in your business and decide to find another shop to buy their items from.

As such, whilst you might be eager to get new staff members processing transactions as soon as possible, it is best to be absolutely sure that they are capable of operating your POS systems correctly before allowing them to do this particular task.

Failing to provide seating if your shop is quite large

Another mistake that could result in your customer base shrinking is failing to provide seating in various parts of the shop (such as next to your POS systems, or near the changing rooms, if you sell clothes) if your shop is quite large and sells a wide variety of items.

If you sell a range of different goods, then a lot of your customers may spend quite a long time in your shop, perusing your selection of stock. They may also take along their partners and their children. If after browsing for a while, their feet become sore, but there is nowhere for them to sit down and rest, or if they decide to try on a garment in the changing rooms and their shopping companions have no seats on which to relax and take a break whilst they wait, these people may end up feeling worn out and slightly grumpy when they leave your shop, rather than well-rested and pleased with their purchases.

Given this, it is worth putting a few seats around your shop.