Rose Bear: What Makes It A Unique Gift for Your Loved One?

You cannot dispute the fact that human beings are emotional beings who feel the effects of the events and the actions of the people around them. On that note, one of the best feelings that someone can have is that of belonging. You feel so good when you know that you have a support system, which is often a result of people accepting and appreciating you. Giving gifts to your loved ones and the people around you is one of the best ways of making them feel special, accepted and loved. It evokes a feeling of belonging. Here is a look at rose bears and the things that make them a unique gift for the special people in your life:

What is a rose bear?

Just as the name suggests, a rose bear refers to a handy, fabricated teddy bear covered with multiple roses. The number of roses varies depending on the size of the teddy bear. Combining these two items leverages the roles they have played in the world of gifting over the years. Teddy bears are adorable, which explains the reason people have a soft spot for them. They are also a thoughtful gift because you can use them to complement your bedding or have them stand as a decoration in your living room. Roses are also an exciting choice. They make a perfect gift because they symbolise several things, from romance to friendship and empathy. 

Are the Roses Real?

Traditionally, people send real rose flowers as gifts. The downside of this is that the roses do not last for a long time. Even if you put them in a jar of water, they will still wither and lose their spark after a few days. Rose bears are a better, longer-lasting gift because they come with soft, synthetic roses. They remain in shape for several years with little care needed. They make more sense for a gift because your loved one can keep them for a long time. 

What Are Your Options? 

When people think of rose bears, they often limit themselves to a teddy bear covered in red roses. They forget that you have a variety to choose from when working with synthetic rose flowers. The soft, synthetic fibres allow you to work with a vast array of colours such as red, white, green, purple and blue. You can also have a rose bear that combes two or more colours. For instance, a pink rose bear can have white roses in the shape of a love heart covering its abdominal section.

A more adventurous gift is a rose bear made using gold-dipped roses. Here, the roses have a protective gold shell to make them last longer.