3 Trends To Keep An Eye On For Ear Piercing Jewellers

Earrings are one of the most traditional and popular forms of jewellery worldwide for both women and men. However, despite earrings being a traditional powerhouse in the fashion world, they still are subject to the same waves in popularity that the rest of the industry faces. For ear piercing jewellery retailers, this can be quite frustrating to plan around, and you don't often get a lot of warning when the tides shift. Here are a couple of early warning signs that you should keep an eye out for and perhaps get ahead of for the 2020s

1. Colours Are Back In A Big Way

For much of the back end of the 2010s, the fashion industry was centred around earthy colours with muted tones like brown and green. When it came to earrings, this meant traditional was in, and there was very little experimentation. This is all about to change, as the end of 2019 showed an explosion in colours from neon greens, popularised by Billie Eilish, to interesting variants on the previously popular Earth-tones such as clay and sharper greys replacing the aforementioned muted browns. The more coloured variants on ear piercing jewellery you can find, the better prepared you will be.

2. Statement Pieces Are In

Big earrings have gone through major fluctuations in popularity from being all the rage to virtually unseen in a matter of months. The needle is slowly starting to point back to them being a presence in the fashion industry again, as you can start to see from all fashion shows that premiered in the latter half of 2019. Big earrings are making a comeback in all shapes and sizes, and you need to be prepared to meet this demand. Try and keep an eye out for any especially hyped big earrings because often, one style becomes the "it" design that is a catalyst for the overall movement, and that hasn't been decided just yet. 

2. Pearls Are Back

It seemed for a while that pearls had been replaced with diamonds and other gemstones for good. Luckily for pearl enthusiasts, this hasn't turned out to be the case, and as with most types of fashion, the cyclical nature of it has returned pearls to prominence. Make sure that your ear piercing jewellery selection has a variety of pearl earrings to entice those coming back to the white gemstone. Also, it is important to note it is not just the single pearl design that is coming into the mainstream but a whole host of designs. Make sure to order a variety to appeal to the widest possible base you can.